Backend Software Lead / Cloud System Architect


SpanIO, based in San Francisco, is developing products to reduce the cost and complexity of adopting distributed energy systems. We are a group of engineers with a passion for building products that can deliver a positive impact on the environment while enhancing consumer experience. We believe that developing intelligent hardware and software that provides visibility and control at the edge-of-grid will be transformational to the energy sector.

We are backed by domain experts in energy, software, hardware, and consumer finance. We are leveraging our teams collective experience in power generation, energy conversion, controls, and system integration to develop our core product focused on enabling the rapid adoption of renewable energy.


We are in the early stages of building a large fleet of internet-connected, edge-of-grid devices. As our back-end software lead, your job will be to put together a web architecture that gets us to market quickly while laying a foundation for future growth.

We’ll look to you to do things like:

  • Design a cloud deployment from scratch, including IaaS/PaaS service selection, permissions, deployment environments, and build system

  • Implement a scalable time-series database with internal read/write SLAs

  • Design and build a low-latency ingest system for fleet telemetry and data pipelines for processing telemetry

  • Work with our frontend engineer to design user authentication and APIs

  • Work with our embedded systems lead to design communication patterns between server and device


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • A proven track record of architecture on AWS (preferred) or GCP

  • Deep understanding of cloud security and authentication

  • Strong, well-founded opinions about development, source control, and deployment practices

  • Experience designing large-scale databases, especially time-series

  • Experience leading teams

  • Passion, interest, and self-direction


If this is you, drop us a line at!