Electrical Design Engineer

SpanIO is seeking an experienced electrical design engineer to lead development of an edge-of-grid hardware product.


As our electrical design lead, you’ll own the design of our custom compute, metering, and actuation hardware. We’re moving to market quickly with a product that homeowners will count on; we’ll draw on your experience to design trustworthy hardware while intelligently trading off between cost and design time.

We’ll look to you to do things like:

  • Design high-rate, high-accuracy, many-channel electrical sensing

  • Integrate components for a complete IoT system: MCU, processor (as system-on-module), wireless modules, communications peripherals

  • Lay out and bring up prototype PCBs

  • Source CMs, manage production, design QA and troubleshooting processes


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Taken consumer-grade electronics from concept to volume manufacturing

  • Significant experience with ground-up circuit design

  • Love of hands-on development and board bringup

  • Deep familiarity with electrical codes (UL, NEC, NFPA)

  • Experience designing data acquisition / instrumentation circuitry

  • Passion for elegant, reliable design


If this is you, drop us a line at hello@span.io!