SpanIO is seeking a seasoned and creative embedded systems engineer for a product that will reshape electricity and energy access in the home. Our goal is to adopt state-of-the-art embedded technology — ARM, Linux, Rust — to combine best-in-class security while empowering our applications developers to develop firmware at software speeds.


As our first embedded hire, we’ll look to you to design a Linux gateway that gets us to market quickly with reliable, secure monitoring and controls, while setting good foundations to keep developing and adding features.

This will include:

  • Build a Linux OS with secure, robust over-the-air updating, robust filesystem + boot process, and minimal attack surface

  • Implement high-rate data acquisition + soft-real-time controls for SPI peripherals on bare metal ARM Cortex-M

  • Present data to userspace applications by designing a shared-memory and/or SPI interface between bare-metal and Linux on Cortex-A

  • Support a small team of world-class engineers (power systems, microgrid, system integration) in developing application software


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Extensive experience building embedded Linux and bare-metal systems, particularly over-the-air updating systems

  • Deep understanding of network security for embedded devices

  • Interest in new technology, especially Rust

  • Familiarity with Cortex-A/M processor families

  • Experience-driven opinions about how to write bare-metal systems correctly

  • Preferred: Some experience with digital signal processing


If this is you, drop us a line at!