Senior Embedded Systems Engineer


SpanIO, based in San Francisco, is developing products to reduce the cost and complexity of adopting distributed energy systems. We are a group of engineers with a passion for building products that can deliver a positive impact on the environment while enhancing consumer experience. We believe that developing intelligent hardware and software that provides visibility and control at the edge-of-grid will be transformational to the energy sector.

We are backed by domain experts in energy, software, hardware, and consumer finance. We are leveraging our teams collective experience in power generation, energy conversion, controls, and system integration to develop our core product focused on enabling the rapid adoption of renewable energy.


As our first embedded hire, we’ll look to you to design a Linux gateway that gets us to market quickly with reliable, secure monitoring and controls, while setting good foundations to keep developing and adding features.

This will include:

  • Build a Linux OS with secure, robust over-the-air updating, robust filesystem + boot process, and minimal attack surface

  • Implement high-rate data acquisition + soft-real-time controls for SPI peripherals on bare metal ARM Cortex-M

  • Present data to userspace applications by designing a shared-memory and/or SPI interface between bare-metal and Linux on Cortex-A

  • Support a small team of world-class engineers (power systems, microgrid, system integration) in developing application software


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Extensive experience building embedded Linux and bare-metal systems, particularly over-the-air updating systems

  • Deep understanding of network security for embedded devices

  • Interest in new technology, especially Rust

  • Familiarity with Cortex-A/M processor families

  • Experience-driven opinions about how to write bare-metal systems correctly

  • Preferred: Some experience with digital signal processing


If this is you, drop us a line at!