Front-End Software Engineer

SpanIO is a small team of highly qualified, passionate engineers with expertise in electronics, mechanical design, energy systems, and embedded software. We’re seeking a well-rounded and creative front-end engineer to build beautiful user interfaces for our advanced edge-of-grid hardware.


Our novel edge-of-grid control equipment turns homes into autonomous members of the emerging distributed electrical grid. As our first front-end engineer, your job will be to envision how users should interact with these systems and then make it real.

We’ll look to you to do things like:

  • Select frameworks, languages, and toolchains; e.g. should we use cross-platform frameworks (React Native) or write native code?

  • Design a beautiful mobile app for homeowners to manage and visualize their electrical system, including user flows and data visualizations

  • Design an intuitive mobile app for installers to commission new systems

  • Work with our backend engineer to design APIs and authentication that make your apps blazing fast and reliable


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Experience with both web and mobile development using up-to-date frameworks and languages (React, Vue, Angular; Swift, Kotlin)

  • Experience designing UIs from ground up; understanding of the underlying architectural decisions & frameworks (MVP vs. VIPER vs. yadda yadda)

  • Strong aesthetic sensibilities; experience either (A) designing beautiful user interfaces, or (B) managing design contractors

  • Strong opinions about proper front-end development practices, including frameworks, toolchains, and test methodologies

  • Deep understanding of the full stack from database to phone screen


If this is you, drop us a line at!