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“A long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much-needed control back into the hands of homeowners.”

“I've discovered more about the energy consumption of my home since SPAN Panel was installed than I did in 20+ years.”

“Extends the functionality of the electric panel with some extra smarts targeted at one of the most power-hungry devices in a modern home: the electric vehicle.”

SPAN Panel expanded


The smart electrical panel
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Actionable insights into your home’s energy consumption & production

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Circuit-level control from anywhere with the SPAN Home app

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Smarter, flexible, longer-lasting home battery backup

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Energy insights

Onboard intelligence in your SPAN Home app. View actionable insights into your energy usage patterns throughout the day.

Control & Monitor

Manage every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet—even when you’re not there. Your SPAN Panel is also Amazon Alexa-enabled.

Control backyard appControl living room appControl pump appControl charger appControl office appControl heaters app
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Simulated app flow screen

Battery: optimized

Prioritize “must have” circuits to make your home battery last longer in a power outage.

40% longer backup

SPAN Panel’s Backup extends average battery duration by 40%. Get the ultimate backup.


Without SPAN


Results from an internal study of SPAN managing backup load priorities in over 1,200 simulated outage situations. Your battery backup time will vary based on home energy consumption, backup priorities, and storage systems.

“One of the coolest things about our house is the SPAN Panel.”

Jonathan Scott
The Scott Brothers
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“This smart home electric panel fixed my Tesla Powerwall.”

Matt Ferrell
Undecided with Matt Ferrell
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SPAN Panel expanded


The intelligent EV charger*
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Dynamically charges any EV at max-optimal speeds, 24/7

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Partners with your SPAN Panel for an integrated charging experience

Level 2 charging icon

Unlocks Level 2 charging without a service upgrade for any home

Regular wall outlet

Level 1
Typically 1.4-1.9 kW
Up to 6 miles of range added per hour

Other EV chargers

Level 2
Typically 5.7-9.6 kW
Up to 27 miles of range added per hour
May require expensive service upgrade

SPAN Drive

Level 2+
Up to 11.5 kW
Up to 41 miles of range added per hour
No service upgrade needed
Miles of range added per hour is based on a Tesla Model S. This will vary based on vehicle type.

How installation works



Meet with a SPAN expert to determine your energy management wants and needs.

Site visit

A SPAN certified installer will visit your home to analyze your electrical panel install.

Installation day

SPAN Panel is wired and validated for safety. Permits are filed. Your SPAN Panel is live.

Experience a simulated SPAN Home

No purchase or login required. Try it today.

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The Watts Residence
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Comprehensive warranty
Subject to terms and conditions. See full Limited Warranty for details.
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Designed for indoor/outdoor placement and built to last in any environment.
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Expert support
Available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm PT to help with questions.

Installers & Partners

We provide training, on-the-job resources, and expert support to ensure your crew has what they need to be successful with SPAN.

Begin your journey to sell and install SPAN.