SPAN PowerUp™ technology: the easy path to electrify

Taylor Keep
Staff Product Manager
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SPAN is unlocking the power of choice with a groundbreaking new software feature 
that empowers homeowners to electrify their homes without the hassle of costly 
and time-consuming electrical service upgrades.

SPAN’s newly updated PowerUp software measures current at its incoming conductors in the SPAN Panel and controls circuits to keep current below the home’s service limits. This allows homeowners to safely, and cost-effectively electrify their home with the necessary electrical appliances (heat pumps, EV chargers, induction ranges, etc.) without increasing the power their home draws from their utility provider. SPAN also provides added visibility and control that helps homeowners save on their energy bills over time.

Why SPAN PowerUp?

The electric products homeowners have been waiting for are finally here.

With $4.5bn in additional Inflation Reduction Act incentives available in the coming months, more and more people will choose to install cost-saving electric appliances in their homes.

The problem is that most homes were designed to run on both fossil fuels and electricity. Up to 48 million single-family homes will need an electrical service upgrade to go all-electric.

What is an electrical service upgrade?

An electrical service upgrade is a utility-driven process that allows a home to use more electricity. The process typically goes like this:

  1. A homeowner wants to install an additional electric appliance (EV, heat pump, etc).
  2. A contractor estimates the resulting home electric need and, if appropriate, requests a service upgrade from the utility to ensure code compliance and a good customer experience.
  3. Weeks to months later, the utility explains their cost to update any undersized components (e.g. wiring, transformer) upstream of where they splice their lines into the home.
  4. Then, the contractor will estimate the cost of upgrades that the utility requires but does not execute, often including a main panel replacement and new larger conduit and conductors back to the utility splice. 
  5. Finally, often months after the initial upgrade request, the homeowner sees the full cost of the appliance project for the first time (they will also receive a schedule estimate). For busy utilities like PG&E in California, the additional wait time can easily be 6-12 months.

Many projects cancel before the utility provides their project estimate or after full costs are estimated. Homeowners often can’t wait long enough for the utility to deliberate or can’t afford the service upgrade project, so they proceed with a non-electric option that does not trigger a service upgrade.

SPAN PowerUp benefits

For homeowners:

  • Can get the appliance they want, when they want it
  • Save money up front by cutting out utility scope
  • Save money over time with circuit-level visibility and control

For installers: 

  • Close and execute service-constrained projects now
  • Grow revenue and margin selling SPAN

For utilities: 

  • Unclog upgrade queues and mitigate labor shortages
  • Boost customer satisfaction

For the climate:

  • Electrify appliances now (42% of energy-related carbon emissions 
are driven by kitchen table decisions)
  • Keep electric rates low

Experience the future of home energy today with SPAN

SPAN PowerUp technology is the solution to seamless electric home updates without an expensive and time-consuming electrical service upgrade. If you’re a homeowner, visit to learn more about how SPAN can help you electrify your home for less and save money on your energy bills. 

Interested in becoming a SPAN Authorized Installer? Join the growing network of SPAN Installers and expand your business by offering homeowners the latest in home electrification technology. Visit to learn more, and get Authorized in 45 minutes or less.

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