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Harness your power
SPAN is the smarter electrical panel that gives you complete control over your home's energy from one app.
SPAN is the smarter electrical panel that gives you complete control over your home's energy from one app.
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“A long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much-needed control back into the hands of homeowners.”
“I’ve discovered more about the energy consumption of my home since SPAN Panel was installed than I did in 20+ years”
“Extends the functionality of the electric panel with some extra smarts targeted at one of the most power hungry devices: the electric vehicle”

How it works

SPAN Panel replaces your existing electrical panel and turns any home into a smart home.

Take control over every circuit, and get money saving energy usage insights, all from the SPAN Home App.

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Take charge of your energy use

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Save on energy

SPAN intelligence automatically finds ways to lower your energy bill.

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Unparalleled visibility

Manage energy costs, circuit by circuit from the SPAN Home App.

Seamless installation

Connect with category-leading storage systems and legacy hardware.

Charge your ride for less

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Dynamic charging

Charge your EV at the fastest speed based on your home’s energy use.

Off-peak scheduling

Schedule EV charging at off-peak times and avoid utility surge pricing.

Avoid service upgrades

Unlock Level 2 charging at home without an expensive service upgrade.

Power at your fingertips

Powerful insights

Gain intelligence into your energy use straight from your phone or tablet.

40% longer battery life

Prioritize essential circuits in a power outage so your battery lasts longer.

Real-time energy management

Change how you use your stored energy in real time—even when you’re not home.

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Smarter energy,
big savings

Energy insights for savings

SPAN Panel serves intelligent energy insights designed to help you lower your energy bill.

Skip expensive service upgrades

Modernize your home’s electrical system and amperage without spending thousands of dollars on a utility service upgrade.

Intelligent EV charging

Upload your utility rate plan, and SPAN Drive will charge your ev at the fastest rate possible, when your energy rates are cheapest.

Visibility & CONTROL

Never waste a watt

Control every circuit in your home from one centralized dashboard. SPAN analyzes your energy use to catch expensive issues and lower your energy bills.


Outlast the elements

Get ahead of the grid and move toward energy independence.  Connect to leading solar and battery systems, prioritize loads from your phone, and get 40% longer-lasting battery backup.2

“I’m saving 15% off my energy bill” 3

“What’s Inside?”
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“One of the coolest things about our house is the SPAN Panel.”

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Build your SPAN Electric Home

Make the most of your energy with SPAN—the heart of the smarter home.

Circuit-level control

Identify and reduce expensive issues

15% reduction on energy bills1

40% longer battery life2

On-the-fly energy prioritization

Avoid service upgrades

Best-in-class visibility

Compatible with 
leading systems

Increased energy efficiency

Level 2+ charging speeds

Avoid service upgrades

Schedule off-peak charging

Build your SPAN Electric Home
for less

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Save thousands by avoiding a service upgrade

Older homes across America are unable to upgrade their homes with cost-saving electric appliances due to their current utility service limit. SPAN allows them to upgrade their homes while making use of existing utility infrastructure.

SPAN Panel

in extra costs
Same day

Traditional Panel

$3 - $20K
in extra costs
2 - 9 month
project timeline increase

Continue to save with hassle-free future installs


Upgrade your home’s electrical system with SPAN Panel—the smarter electrical panel.


Unlock the amperage capacity needed for  adding new electric technology to your home.


Create your all-electric SPAN home without worrying about future service upgrade costs.

Become a SPAN Authorized Installer

Add innovation to your toolkit with the smarter electrical panel. Grow your revenue with SPAN’s advanced training, support, and lead pass programs.

Electricians & Installers

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