The future of installations


The Span panel lets you get to more projects with faster installations and fewer needed materials. The cost savings combined with a superior customer experience and easier path to future upgrades delivers an overall better product than anything else on the market.


Faster installation
Span enables faster installations through a simple plug-and-play approach for solar + storage projects that simplifies both design and installation

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Cost savings
Span replaces the electrical panel, transformer, and gateway with a single panel, so fewer components, less conduit, and less time are needed on each installation


Energy monitoring
Span provides energy monitoring for customers and installers so it’s easy to stay on the same page, keep customer satisfaction high, and build a better bridge to future upgrades


Intuitive installation app

Span’s installer app enables simple step-by-step commissioning for your entire system - Span panel, solar system, inverter, and battery.

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Field support & training

Span provides the training and field servicing needed to guarantee a successful project. Span’s panel has the same basic interface as a traditional electrical panel and uses standard circuit breakers, making it easier for electricians and solar professionals to install. 

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Partner with us

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