Smart Electrical Panel Pioneer SPAN Collaborates with Global Manufacturing Leader Jabil to Ramp Volume Manufacturing

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Collaboration will provide more homeowners with cutting-edge electrical panels by leveraging Jabil’s expertise in global supply chain and logistics, manufacturing automation, product design services, and engineering solutions

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SPAN, the innovator in home energy management technology, is teaming up with Jabil, a global leader in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions, to support the rapid expansion of SPAN’s product portfolio. This new alliance secures SPAN’s ability to fulfill the accelerating demand for both current electrical panels and future products with speed, agility, and quality.

In order to build a more sustainable and resilient future where people have the ability to adopt and control the next wave of home energy technology, modern, intelligent infrastructure needs to be installed. All families and homeowners will have a role to play, as electrical panels must be updated to ensure efficient power usage. SPAN’s transformative electrical panels give users real-time control over every circuit in their home and provide money-saving energy usage analytics, all from one app. SPAN is designed to replace current, outdated electrical panels to support better, smarter, safer energy consumption for the future.

Building smart-home automation systems at scale requires supply chains that can support the rapid growth in product demand while navigating a vast array of manufacturing complexities. With over 100 manufacturing sites located in more than 25 countries around the world, Jabil ensures a resilient and efficient global supply chain, along with a proven pathway for bringing technologically advanced solutions to market.

“Jabil applauds SPAN’s goal to re-invent the electrical panel while empowering the development and delivery of innovative smart-home technology,” said Hunter Lankford, Sr. Director of Business Development, Jabil. “Our yearslong collaboration ensures SPAN can scale its business and meet its mission to electrify millions of American homes.”

In particular, Jabil’s vertical integration capabilities, expertise in automated manufacturing, as well as proven experience developing EV charging solutions and other power electronics provide SPAN with access to best-in-class manufacturing processes in the emerging electrification segment.

“As we continue to build the sustainable energy infrastructure required to support mass electrification there's a highly competitive sea of emerging companies working to be the select few who will shape that future,” said SPAN CEO Arch Rao. “Those who successfully collaborate and leverage the power of the supply chain to rapidly scale will be the companies that spearhead this green energy movement. Our work with Jabil propels us forward to continue being a pioneer in this space.”

Already in 2024, SPAN has announced partnerships with leaders in the utility equipment and new home construction industries, in addition to a newly expanded product line. SPAN currently has connected panels deployed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Over-the-air updates continue to expand the functionality of installed products. Contact SPAN today to upgrade any home into a smart home.

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