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Arch Rao
SPAN Founder & CEO
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At SPAN, we are building transformative products to enable electrification for all. Our award-winning SPAN Panel and SPAN Drive will help consumers deliver impact at the gigaton scale of CO2 avoidance. Today, I’m excited to announce another step towards delivering on this goal—our partnership with Kenmore.

Kenmore’s Home Electrification Made Easy program goal is to electrify a million homes in 10 years, removing nearly seven million tons of CO2 that come from the home each year. SPAN is proud to continue to sit at the forefront of a decarbonized future, the benefits of which are only just starting to be realized.

Electrification for every homeowner

SPAN is becoming increasingly accessible for every home to electrify.

Nearly 50 million homes across the country aren’t equipped to transition from old gas power to new, high-energy-load, efficient electric appliances; the electrical line to the home wasn’t built for it. SPAN Dynamic Load Management ensures the appliances in your home can fit within your existing service limit, negating the need for expensive and slow electrical service upgrades—a significant barrier to electrification at scale. When paired with incentives provided by the Inflation Reduction Act, the costs to electrify your home have never been more approachable, especially for homeowners at median or lower incomes.

Our partnership with Kenmore is significant given Kenmore’s scale and experience in home appliance support and service. Customers expect high-quality installation, service, and support for their home; electric appliances will be no different. Kenmore has served over a hundred million customers and possesses decades of experience providing homeowners complete appliance solutions, supported by an extensive network of skilled technicians.

A major appliance provider giving homeowners access to electrified appliances is a watershed moment for home electrification. Driven by the Inflation Reduction Act and a surge in consumer demand, more and more companies are releasing electrification products. I am thrilled that for the first time, we are seeing this type of platform and scale applied to residential electrification.

The SPAN Home starts with integrated, smarter energy

Products in the home are getting smarter, but they don’t operate collectively with intelligence. The SPAN Panel is the intelligent power router for your home. With this partnership, we’re expanding our integrations to high-energy appliances. SPAN Panel and Home App sit at the center of the smart home, now with greater appliance-level intelligence and integrated control.

We will soon offer SPAN owners the choice to participate in grid services programs that can earn them money with little to no change in the convenience or comfort of their homes. SPAN intelligent monitoring and dynamic load management enables orchestration across your appliances, your home, and the grid. Through our Kenmore partnership, this will now apply to a growing set of potential household loads, improving both consumer value and grid flexibility. Our award-winning, user-centric innovation is cementing the value of energy management for homeowners.

Customers save when they electrify

Electrification provides consumers with significant potential savings, both immediate and over the lifetime of the home. Incentives and rebates from the Inflation Reduction Act combined with SPAN’s ability to avoid costly service upgrades lower the initial costs of electrification.

Long-term energy savings will be realized by homeowners who electrify. For example, the one million customers who electrify through the Home Electrification Made Easy program with Kenmore will collectively save over $1B on their energy bills. Additionally, real-time energy data and insights from SPAN Panel equip homeowners with the information they need to make smarter energy usage decisions to reduce excess consumption. Homeowners save when they electrify with SPAN.

SPAN evolves with your home

SPAN engineering teams are continually innovating to add new features that give SPAN owners more control over their home’s energy, and we are excited to make these available through our partnership with Kenmore. Over-the-air software updates to the SPAN Panel and SPAN Drive will provide protection to Kenmore appliance homeowners by detecting appliance failures before they happen. With SPAN’s intelligent capabilities, Kenmore will be prepared to offer all-new warranties to homeowners that exceed what is currently possible from appliance manufacturers.

We’re planning even more groundbreaking features that will completely change how consumers think of their electrical panel and their home’s energy. This is the SPAN Home in our decade to decarbonize—join us on our mission.


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