SPAN gets 40% more out of your home battery*

The ultimate solution for whole-home backup. Get 40% longer average battery duration and avoid the cost of additional batteries by prioritizing your home backup during grid outages with SPAN.
*Based on an internal SPAN study, the average time a battery system lasted during an outage increased by 40% when adding SPAN to manage backup in over 90 simulated outage situations.

Nationwide power outages

Power outages are a growing concern nationwide. Aging grid infrastructure, unpredictable patterns of destructive weather, and rising consumer demand for electricity are making the problem worse.

25 million

Customers with power outages in 2020

15 hours

Average outage duration
Source: Energy Information Administration

“A New Deadly Risk for Cities in Summer:
Power Failures During Heat Waves.

The growing risk of overlapping heat waves and power failures poses a severe threat that major American cities are not prepared for.”

Published 5/5/2021
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SPAN + Home battery = The best backup solution available

SPAN helps you regain control over your energy and gives you up to 40% longer battery duration* for a flexible home backup solution that helps keep you and your family safe.

With the SPAN Home App, you can prioritize “must have,” “nice to have” and “non essential” circuits from anywhere in real time. It’s an entirely new approach to mindfully managing your stored energy
Simulated app flow screen

Battery: optimized

Power your bedrooms.

Outage in the morning?

Power your kitchen and office.

Need to get away from the outage?

Power your EV!

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Get the charge you need, when you need it

SPAN Drive automatically balances electrical loads to quickly charge your EV without draining your entire home battery during a power outage.

Don’t get caught in an outage without control

SPAN is the gateway to optimizing your home battery backup system.
40% longer battery duration*
Real-time control over every circuit in the home with virtual load panels
Free over-the-air updates
Does not include taxes, shipping, and installation.
*Based on internal study comparing 90 simulated outages situations with and without SPAN installed.

Panel tech specs


Internet-connected gateway for wireless communication
Monitoring and controls for every circuit
Seamless integration with leading battery storage solutions
Compatible with standard circuit breakers
SPAN Panel specs


Main breaker & bussing
100A - 200A main breaker with 225A bus
Grid voltage
120/240 VAC, 60 Hz
Circuit breakers
Standard 1-in residential breakers
32 controllable circuits per panel
Energy metering
± 0.5% accuracy
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular LTE


Installation locations
Indoor and outdoor rated (NEMA 3R)
Wall-mounted, semi-flush, or surface
39.3 x 14.3 x 6.0”
10 years


UL 67, UL 916, UL 869A
FCC Part 15 Class B
NEC compliant