Get more from your Tesla Powerwall

SPAN unlocks the full potential of Tesla Powerwall and gives you total control over every circuit in your home during an outage.

40% longer backup

Smart circuit control makes your stored energy go further and extends average battery length during an outage for the ultimate backup experience.


Without SPAN


Results from an internal study of SPAN managing backup load priorities in over 1,200 simulated outage situations. Your battery backup time will vary based on home energy consumption, backup priorities, and storage systems.

“This Smart Electrical Panel fixed my Tesla Powerwall”

— Matt Ferrell

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How SPAN manages your Tesla Powerwall

SPAN Panel integrates with Tesla Gateway and provides intelligent controls designed to optimize the output of your Tesla Powerwall.

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Ability to turn circuits ON/OFF remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Automatic load shedding based on customizable priorities for extended battery life.

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Dynamic energy management allows you to get more backup from fewer batteries and save on your electricity bill.

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Circuit-level control & Insights

Manage and prioritize circuits with the virtual critical loads in the SPAN Home app, with insights that help you save on energy usage.

More power for your Powerwall

SPAN gives you optimal performance of your Powerwall with load management control and extended battery duration.

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Comprehensive warranty
Subject to terms and conditions. See full Limited Warranty for details.
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Designed for indoor/outdoor placement and built to last in any environment.
Tesla Heritage
Tesla Heritage
SPAN was founded by engineers who
worked on Tesla Powerwall and solar.

Panel + Drive

The first EV charger designed to seamlessly pair not only with your car, but with your whole home.