Silicon Valley Power customers can save thousands

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Silicon Valley Power is offering savings to residents of Santa Clara, CA to help your home run more efficiently. Rebates are available for you to upgrade your home with a smart electrical panel and either a Level 2 EV Charger or a high-efficiency electrical appliance.

  • $2,000+ off the purchase of SPAN Panel with the smart electric panel rebate*
  • Up to $550 off the purchase of SPAN Drive with the Level 2 EV charger rebate

Additional savings are available for high-efficiency electrical appliance upgrades. See full rebate details below.

Why partner with SPAN to electrify your home?

With SPAN, take control of your home energy and add an EV charger or electric appliance without a costly and time-consuming service upgrade project, which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and delay your project by months.

SPAN Panel unlocks cutting-edge technology designed to help you optimize your home energy usage, and understand your energy consumption:

  • Track and monitor energy usage — Learn from actionable, real-time energy insights that help you know which appliances are using the most energy
  • Control circuits remotely — Turn any circuit, and the appliance connected to it, on/off from your phone instantly
  • Build energy independence SPAN integrates with rooftop solar and battery backup, extending backup time by an average of 40%

SPAN DriveTM gives you best-in-class charging speeds at home, with up to 41 miles of range per hour of charge added.**

How to qualify for the rebate:

In order to qualify for the Silicon Valley Power rebate on a smart panel purchase, you’ll need to replace your existing electrical panel with a smart panel and either install a Level 2 EV charger or upgrade to a high-efficiency electrical appliance.

See here for full details of rebate eligibility.

SPAN Panel + SPAN Drive qualify for rebate requirements and are designed to be seamlessly integrated together in a single installation.

SPAN’s home advisors are ready to get you started, analyze your home, and help you maximize your savings.

*Additional $2,000 savings available to income qualified customers
**Based on Tesla Model S; max charging speeds will vary by car make, model and home energy consumption


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